The original imports of furniture from wooden veins help China’s local furniture industry cluster “blossom

Yuhuan Furniture has become a well-known European classical furniture base in China. With the rapid development of
the market, the consumer groups are becoming more and more young, fashionable and internationalized. The Most
Valuable Furniture is not only the requirement of “high quality” of furniture, but also the pursuit of “high taste”
of life.

Fashion, simplicity is the characteristics of wood vein original imported furniture with the times, the most cost-
effective furniture is the commitment of wood vein to consumers!! At the same time, stone, glass and iron lamps are
used as decorative materials to increase the quality and fashion sense of products.

On July 26, 2017, Wooden Vein Original Import Furniture Brand’s first laboratory was located in Taizhou Yuhuan,
formally facing the national key cities to invite investment, the first time, won praise from all sides.

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