D-BOX product conference was held in Tianjin

D-BOX product conference was held in Tianjin

On August 7, 2018, It officially released the D-BOX X integrated optical and magnetic machine. Mr. Lin Yongjun, president of Yihua Records Co., presided over the conference and shared with the guests the core concept of “data changes the future”.

In his speech, president Lin Yongjun said that with the development of the big data industry, today’s society has been transformed from the “IT era” of process-driven, self-optimization and self-control to the “DT era” of data-driven, service to the public and stimulating vitality. Focusing on the hot topic of “how to develop the application of large data?” the participants shared the concept of Yihualu data Lake industry, that is, to “build lakes” to consolidate information infrastructure, to “divert water” to achieve the safe aggregation of massive data, to “use water resources” to achieve data sharing and value mining, and to build an ecological large data industry. .The other side will not only start discussing business proposals but also solutions that will help in enhancing business deals. Additional

Later, president Lin Yongjun opened the veil of D-BOX by sharing the Blu-ray storage technology of “Storing the past, predicting the Future” in the core of Yihua Records. D-BOX products use 266+2400TB cold and hot storage combination, support 3 groups of driver 18 CD-ROM 36 head parallel read and write, achieve 1080MB/s high-speed read and write, storage capacity can reach 1.64pB. At the same time, D-BOX has five core advantages: 1. storage energy consumption compared with hard disk storage decreased by 94%; 2. with tamper-proof, anti-virus damage, anti-electromagnetic interference security features; 3. up to 100 years of ultra-long storage time; 4. operating costs are only one-tenth of disk storage; 5. world-class optical and magnetic laboratories continue to escort; truly achieve optical and magnetic one. The perfect integration of the body.

The other side will not only start discussing business proposals but also solutions that will help in enhancing business deals. Additional promotional gifts help in getting the much-required heads start.

D-BOX products provide data asset management services, database model, knowledge base sharing services, data acquisition tools, data governance services, data backup tools services, knowledge map construction and analysis services, super view database services for industry users. Through in-depth understanding and practice of the industry, it is constantly advancing To solve the user needs.

Aberdeen Angus – a well-known Angus beef bred in Ireland and grass-fed. With the integration of traditional pasture farming and advanced technology, the cattles are fed to be of high quality and more tender.

D-BOX products are widely used in the industry to realize the general industry. Taking public safety, intelligent transportation, transportation, medical applications, and enterprise applications as examples, president Lin shares the core solutions of the industry application with the 4V features of Volume, Varlty, Veloclty and Value. The purpose is to provide a safe, reliable, green, economic, long-term data storage infrastructure for all industries.

It is reported that in 2016, Yi Hualu put forward the concept of urban data lake, grasped the innovative needs of the government management, implemented the “1 + 3” development strategy, committed to the construction of urban large data industry. As the microcosm of Yihua data lake, D-BOX integrated machine will continue to escort the development of large data industry.

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D-BOX product conference was held in Tianjin